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Editorial Desclée De Brouwer S.A., Henao, 6 3º, 48009 Bilbao ESPAÑA

Desclée De Brouwer is a family business, founded in Bilbao in 1945 by José María Gogeascoechea, devoted to the spread of the values ​​of Christian humanism--without neglecting other educational and academic fields, such as psychology, self-help, pedagogy, business management, or children's literature.
Among its products stands the prestigious Jerusalem Bible, continually updated by the world renowned Biblical and Archaeological School of Jerusalem. Considered the Catholic Study Bible par excellence, it is appreciated for its translation from the original Semitic languages and Greek, and the richness of its explanatory notes and introductions.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible fra 1985 The Bible translation of Andre Chouraqui La Bible, traduction d'André Chouraqui
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