Sociedad Bíblica de Myanmar

Bible Society of Myanmar

95 1250014

262 Sule Pagoda Road, Yangon, Myanmar

The vision of the Bible Society of Myanmar is carrying out the translation and publishing of the Bible into the national languages which meet the needs of the people in Myanmar that are faithful to the scripture text in their original languages, and which communicate the biblical message, at prices can afford and to achieve the widest possible, effective and meaningful distribution of the Holy Scripture, helping the people of Myanmar to interact with the Word of God.

Type iso Fecha Título en Inglés Título Vernáculo
Bible acn 2010 Ngochang Common Language Bible
Bible cfm 2005 Falam Chin 2005 Edition Baibal Thianghlim
Bible cnh 2005 Hakha Common Language Bible Baibal Thiang
Bible csy 2004 Siyin Common Language Bible Siyin Bible
Bible ctd 2010 Common Language Bible Lai Siangtho
Bible ctd 1935 Revised Version
Bible kac 2009 Jinghpaw Common Language Bible
Bible lsi 2009 Lacid Common Language Bible
Bible mhx 2003 Maru 2003 Edition
Bible mhx 2009 Lhaovo Common Language Bible Shao Gyang" Jham׃ pauģ
Bible mwq 2009 Mün Chin Common Language Version Ca Ng'cim Theing
Bible mya 2005 Burmese Common Language Version သမ္မာကျမ်း၊၊
Bible pce 1997 New Testament in Palaung, Ruching (1997)
Bible prk 2012 Parauk 2012 Edition
Bible wbm 2012 Wa Common Language Translation
Bible kac 2006 Kachin Hanson Version Chyoi pra ai Chyum laika
Bible aeu 2015 Akeu New Testament
Bible blk 2008 Pa'o Karen New Testament
Bible blk 2016 Paoh Old Testament
Bible cnw 2006 The Ngawn New Testament Lai Thiangtho
Bible ctd 2002 Common Language (Sizang Kam Dialect) Lai Thiangtho (Sizang Kam)
Bible czt 2002 The Zotung New Testament Byabu Thya
Bible dao 1996 Daai Chin New Testament Sangsiim Kthaai
Bible hlt 1970 The Gospel in Matu Chin Awmngaihna awl thangthaen ...
Bible anl Khongsu New Testament
Bible pwo 2016 Western Pwo Kayin New Testament
Bible eky 2010 Kayah Pu New Testament
Bible cmr 2015 The New Testament in Mro-Khimi Chin
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