Lutheran Bible Translators

303 North Lake St., Aurora, IL, 60507, USA

Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT) is an independent Lutheran mission organization dedicated to leading people to faith in Jesus Christ. They strive to do this through their missionaries, staff, and partners, who work to make the Word of God available to those who do not yet have it in the language of their hearts. They also recognize cultural differences in values, learning styles, and relationship dynamics in their ministry, as well as accomplishing their goals through creative and discovery-oriented strategies. Their mission, which they have been advancing since 1964, is to ensure that everyone--literate or not, educated or not--can engage with God’s Word and have it readily available to them in a form that they can easily understand.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible blh 1988 Kuwaa 1988 Edition
Bible buk 2000 New Testament in Bukawa Anötö ndê Yom Lêŋsêm Wakuc
Bible dhm 2014 Dhimba Completed Bible Etestamende Epe Moludhimba
Bible gbo 1989 Northern Grebo 1989 Edition
Bible har 2010 Haruai New Testament Mönö Kömö
Bible ipi 2008 Ipili New Testament Ipili Nutestamene
Bible kno 2008 Kono New Testament
Bible kri 2013 Good News For All Men (2013) Na We Yu Yɛri Yu Go Biliv
Bible lia 2011 Limba New Testament
Bible mfq 2008 Moba 2008 Edition Yendu Kadapaaonn
Bible qxr 2011 Cañar Quichua Old Testament Dios Rimashcata Quillcashcami
Bible vut 2006 Vuté New Testament Le Nouveau Testament en langue Vute
Bible yss 2004 Yessan-Mayo 2004 Edition God Reri Teiktem Tuma Ager - Nupela Testamen long tokples Yessan-Mayo long Niugini
Bible lok 1983 Loko New Testament
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