Bible Society of Spain

34 916366300

Santa Engracia 76, Madrid, 28010, Spain

The Bible Society of Spain attends, as far as possible, the demands of Scripture and encourage reading and knowledge of them, that, according to their circumstances, churches and ministries present us annually.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible cat 2008 The Catalan Interfaith Bible Bíblia Catalana, Traducción Interconfesional
Bible eus 2008 The Bible in Euskara Elizen Arteko Biblia (Biblia en Euskara, Traducción Interconfesional)
Bible spa 2010 The Word for Spain La Palabra (España)
Bible spa 2010 The Word for Latin America La Palabra (Hispanoamérica)
Bible spa 2008 Interconfessional Version Traducción Interconfesional
Bible shn 2015 The Holy Bible in Shan Common Language
Bible ssp The Old Testament in Spanish Sign Language
Language Abbreviation Type Link