Bible Society of Uganda

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Plot 38 Bombo Road, PO Box 3621, Kampala, Uganda

The Bible Society of Uganda is a Christian Non-Governmental Organization, which serves churches and the general public by making the Holy Scriptures available in languages that people understand best. We work with churches to help engage meaningfully with the Scriptures. We are part of a global movement- United Bible Societies- serving churches of all denominations in over 145 Countries.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible ach 1985 Acoli 1985 Edition Baibul Buk Maleŋ pa lubaŋa
Bible adh 2002 Adhola 2002 Edition
Bible alz 1970 Alur 1970 Edition
Bible kdj 1996 Karamojong 1996 Edition N̳akiro n̳una ajokak ikotere n̳itun̳a daadan̳ : akamunet n̳ina kitete.
Bible kdp 1993 Kaningdon-Nindem 1993 Edition
Bible kpz 1995 Kupsabiny 1995 Edition
Bible kue 2006 Kuman 2006 Edition
Bible lsm 2010 Saamia 2010 Edition
Bible lug 1896 Oluganda Bible
Bible myx 2008 Masaaba 2008 Edition INDAKAANO IMBYA
Bible nnb 1980 Nande 1980 Edition
Bible nyn 1989 Nyankole 1989 Edition
Bible nyo 2008 Nyoro 2008 Edition
Bible xog 2014 Soga BSU Version Baibuli Ekibono kya Katonda
Bible kdi 2013 Kumam Bible baibuli kacil.
Bible sbu 2008 Lusamia Bible
Bible lug 2003 Luganda New Testament (2003)
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