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Bibles International exists to advance Christ's church through conservative Bible translation; supported by literacy, training, and publishing services; in worldwide partnership with individuals, churches, agencies, and institutions of like purpose and faith.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible ccp 2012 Chakma 2012 Edition
Bible tgl 1998 The Word of God Ang Salita ng Diyos
Bible wba 2004 Warao 2004 Edition
Bible ddn 1995 The New Testament in Dendi
Bible dln 2014 The Bible in Darlong
Bible ndy 2014 The New Testament in Rito-Lutos
Bible nkf 2011 The New Testament in Inpui Naga
Bible pss 2015 The New Testament in Kaulong
Bible wlx 2009 Wali (Ghana) New Testament
Bible pck 2004 The Bible in Paite Chin
Bible cfm 2009 The New Testament in Falam Chin
Bible czt 2012 Zotung Chin Bibles International Version
Bible ctd 2014 Zokam Standard Version
Bible quz 2011 Cusco Quechua 2011 Edition
Bible kbp 2011 Kabiyè Bibles International Version
Bible cdf 2009 New Testament in Chiru
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