Kairos International

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The Sword of the Spirit is a growing network of more than 75 lay Christian communities around the world that have a common vision, way of life, and spiritual culture. Recent estimates put the numbers of those involved at around 9,000 people worldwide. Each community within the Sword of the Spirit is self-governing, but receives help in living out its life as a community from the sharing of resources with other communities around the world. Kairos, an outreach of the Sword of the Spirit, exists to impact the lives of young people by promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ and the fullness of life that comes through the Holy Spirit to the glory of God the Father. Kairos specifically recognizes the need for young people to make it all the way to becoming mature adult disciples. They believe that raising young disciples to maturity demands a comprehensive approach, not just one that works while these individuals are part of a youth group.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible amf 2013 Hamer-Banna Bible Stories
Bible bas 2011 Basaa Bible Stories
Bible bge 2015 Bauria Bible Stories
Bible bza 2011 Bandi Bible Stories
Bible gol 2011 Gola Bible Stories
Bible kiz 2011 Kisi Bible Stories
Bible klu 2011 Klao Bible Stories Phra: Măhá Jesu Christô Chà̆o.
Bible krw 2011 Western Krahn Bible Stories
Bible lmn 2015 Lambadi Bible Stories
Bible lom 2011 Loma Bible Stories
Bible man 2011 Mandingo Bible Stories
Bible mdx 2013 Dizin Bible Stories
Bible mev 2011 Mano Bible Stories
Bible muz 2013 Mursi Bible Stories Aḍwāʼ ʻalá Malikat Sabaʼ
Bible nnj 2013 Nyangatom Bible Stories
Bible she 2013 Sheko Bible Stories
Bible skr 2013 Saraiki Bible Stories
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