Loukas Foundation

Peermos 1 3904 BT Veenendaal, The Netherlands

The Loukas Foundation exists to evangelize and distribute the Word of God to all inhabitants of the Netherlands, and the Balkan region, as well as providing medical care as needed, regardless of the race, politics or nationality of the recipient.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible mkd 2004 New Testament in Macedonian Библија: Стариот И Новиот Завет
Bible mdr Mandar Gospel of Matthew
Bible mnx 1969 Sougb (Manikion) Bible
Bible mnx 2016 Sougb New Testament Revision
Bible mnx 1969 Act in Manikon Kissah perbuatan Rasul-Rasul
Bible ndx 1984 Nduga New Testament Ngget tul pidnak wene
Bible ndx 1992 Old Testament in Nduga
Language Abbreviation Type Link