Nigeria Bible Translation Trust

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No. 7 Old Airport Road, P. O. Box 790, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

Nigeria was among the first countries in Africa to form a national Bible translating organization. In 1962, the University of Nigeria signed a cooperative agreement with Wycliffe’s partner, SIL International, to carry out language development work. Out of this partnership, the Nigeria Bible Translation Trust (NBTT) was born. In 1976, NBTT assumed the responsibility for Bible translation for the minority language groups of Nigeria. NBTT aims to serves Nigeria in the areas of language development, Bible translation, translator training, vernacular media services, and Scriptures engagement activities.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible bkv 1983 Bekwarra 1983 Edition
Bible eka 2012 Ekajuk 2012 Edition Iya ka togijawita mana (2012)
Bible iri 2012 Irigwe 2012 Edition
Bible jbu 1994 Jukun Takum 1994 Edition
Bible mzk 1977 The New Testament in Mambila for Nigeria
Bible yaz 1996 Lokaa 1996 Edition
Bible nin 2011 The New Testament in Ninzo
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