The Seed Company

3030 Matlock Rd, Suite 104 Arlington, TX, 76015, USA

The Seed Company’s mission statement is: "God’s Word transforming lives in every language in this generation.” The organization exists to disseminate Scripture amongst the Bibleless people of the world, completing Bible translations through partnership with a wide range of national colleagues, prayer partners, financial investors, and like-minded organizations.
The Seed Company is committed to the central involvement and ownership of local citizens. Moreover, their funding model links investors to specific translation projects. By bringing the resources of Christians to the needs of translators, The Seed Company develop partnerships that result in effective translation efforts. Supporting partners share in the struggles and successes of the project, while a foundation of prayer supports every effort.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible agb 2016 New Testament in Legbo
Bible cpb 2012 Ucayali-Yura Ashninka New Testament Kameethari Ñaantsi: ikenkitha-takoitziri awinkatharite Jesucristo
Bible pcm 2012 Nigerian Pidgin 2012 Edition
Bible aaz 2014 New Testament in Amarasi Uisneo in Kabin Ma Prenat
Language Abbreviation Type Link