PNG Bible Translation Association


PO Box 350, Waigani, N.C.D. 131, Papua New Guinea

The Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association is a Papua New Guinean organisation committed to translating the Bible into the languages of the country. It is also involved in literacy and Scripture engagement work. The Bible Translation Association works under the local church, and partners with other organisations such as SIL PNG, PNG Bible Society, and Pioneer Bible Translators.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible kud 2008 The New Testament in 'Auhelawa Yaubada Yana Walo Yemidi Vauvauna
Bible byx 1996 The New Testament in Qaqet A Slurlka Aa Langinka Ama Iameska
Bible mva 1996 The New Testament in Manam Testamen Oauoau
Bible poe 2016 San Juan Atzingo Popoloca 2016 Edition
Language Abbreviation Type Link