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SPCK Publishing is the biggest independent Christian publisher in the UK. They are an Anglican mission agency that works through publishing. Their mission is to promote Christian ideas and values, and provide books and resources for people of all denominational and faith backgrounds.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible cre 1875 Psalms of David in Cree ᑌᕕᑦ ᐅ ᓂᑲᒧᐎᓇᕽ
Bible esu 1956 Yup'ik Bible (Modern Orthography)
Bible oji 1900 Acts of the Apostles in Ojibwa
Bible ojs 1974 The Gospel of Mark in the Ojicree Dialect of Ojibwe
Bible hai 1899 The Holy Scriptures in Haida
Bible mtt 1875 Scripture Portions in Mota O lea we wia. Amon Luke me rave
Language Abbreviation Type Link