World Mission

2900 Wilson Ave, SW Suite 110 Grandville, MI, 49418, USA

World Mission was founded in 1994 with a vision to se impact the world for Christ. In its first eight years, the organization profoundly affected many evangelistic and humanitarian mission projects around the world: World Mission helped those projects institute short term missions, bring helicopter evangelism to rural areas, and found orphanages, water projects, medical clinics, and children’s ministries. However, in ministering to the physical needs of thousands of people around the world, World Mission discovered that the majority of these people were completely illiterate. That truth drove the organization to provide God’s Word in a format that was appropriate to those living in oral cultures. As a result, World Mission has distributed more than 80,000 audio Bibles around the world. Groups of twelve or more people gather around to listen to these audio Bibles on a regular basis. Today, World Mission uses a solar powered tool called The Treasure, available in more than 5,000 languages. World Mission partners with churches and mission organizations to help reach oral learners living in every country of the world. Many of their units go to unreached people groups who have never heard the gospel before, in hopes of changing lives forever through God’s Word.

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