Yayasan Sumber Sejahtera

In Indonesia beloved country, there are millions who are currently missed the "safety". With the development of Internet technology today. We miss being there a site that may be a blessing to everyone, especially the users of the global information network Internet services. "The mission of the kingdom of God" should be described !. This site wants to be called a "virtual harvester" that serves as: Infrastructure: The site of this mission will be the infrastructure for individuals, churches, organizations, or institutions Christians who want to serve or take part in carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in Indonesia via the Internet. Catalyst: Helping accelerate the process of preaching to the rest of Indonesia. Mobilizer: Being a media that will gather all the skills of a wide range of private, church, organization or institution to mobilize Christian unity and spiritual strength and together one heart-like-minded to reap "fields yellowing" is.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible bvz 2008 Bauzi 2008 Edition
Bible kje 2008 Kisar New Testament Makromod Lalap Lirna Wawan
Bible mej 1997 Meyah WBT Version
Bible mnb 2004 Muna 2004 Edition
Bible mtj 2001 Moskona 2001 Edition Percaya Karena Mandengar
Bible yva 2011 Yawa 2011 Edition Ayao amisy urairi wanyin
Bible saj 2007 The Gospel of Luke in Sahu
Bible xte 1997 Ketengban New Testament Allahdi ukupu pediramseu upu
Language Abbreviation Type Link