Pyongyang Bible

Pyongyang Bible Institute aims to support the Korean unification through the unification of language and culture. For achieving the goals, PBI will do the following projects: Publishing Pyongyang Bible in Pyongyang standard language for North Koreans to be able to read Publishing English-North Korean Diglot Bible which translated English Bible into Pyongyang language, through which the students and intellectuals in North Korea will learn English while getting to know the content of the Bible. Publishing the Old Stories of Israelites written in narrative format summarizing the content of the Bible; it is the translated stories from Pyongyang language to English; North Korean students will learn English as well as life culture of old Israelites; also people in the countries using English as their mother tongue can learn Pyongyang language through it. Publishing English study materials for North Korean students (English Dictionary, English-English-North Korean Dictionary English grammar book for easy-learning of English based upon North Korean and Russian languages English reading and conversation materials) The Korean unification dictionary clarifying the differences of South and North Korean languages. Equipping English teachers who will go to North Korean and teach English

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible kor 2008 Pyongyang Bible 평양말 성경
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