Bible Society of Sudan

15 Khalifa Street, PO Box 532, Khartoum, Sudan

The Sudan Bible society is a full member of the United Bible Societies since 1956. The UBS established the house in the capital Khartoum to serve the Christian community in the whole country, it was opened officially for the people on the same time of the year, since that time the Bible society started to deliver it’s services to the Churches, Institutions and Individuals. Now it is taking care of literacy program and translations this is the only project we have in the Bible Society and one of the big activities being run by the office.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible mgd 2000 The Holy Bible in Moru
Bible lot 2004 Otuho New Testament Ecorit Anejuk
Bible lot 1969 Otuho New Testament Ecorit Anejuk : Assyyo Ayijok te Ekiana Otuho.
Bible mor 1993 The Revised Moro Version Ðǝrreiðia Eŋen Ðǝmaijǝn Iði Rǝmwa Riðu
Language Abbreviation Type Link