Publisher Society of Christ Hlondianum

48 61 6472-645; 61 6472-644; 61 6472-647

ul. Panny Marii 4, 60-962 Poznań

Founded by Cardinal August Hlond, the organizations aim is to perform apostolic activity among the Polish community and compatriots outside the Polish as well as spread the word and pen theological knowledge concerning the Mass.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible csb 2010 The Four Gospels in Kashubian Kaszëbskô Biblëjô Nowi Testament IV Ewanjelje
Bible slk 1756 The Camaldolese Bible
Bible roh 1953 Genesis Portion in Romansch La Genesis Il prüm cudesh da Moses
Bible got 1919 The Gothic Bible Die Gotische Bibel
Bible grc 1894 Scrivener New Testament
Bible ing 1896 Order for Daily Morning Prayer
Bible iwo 1843 Selections from the Old Testament
Bible heb 1599 Hutter Dodecaglott Bible
Language Abbreviation Type Link