Institute for Scripture Research

Mission: The Institute for Scripture Research (ISR) is an organization registered in South Africa for the purpose of spreading the truth of the Scriptures to the world through its various publications. vision: Our vision is to faithfully proclaim YHWH and his word throughout the world by means of all our publications. Our primary means though is through the translating, printing and publishing of a literal translation of "The Scriptures" that is as accurate as we can make it. We have restored the name of the Father and his Messiah while also preserving the Hebraic mind-set of the original writers, to the best of our ability. In so doing we hope that it will shed further light on the understanding of the message of the Scriptures, thereby spiritually enriching the lives of its readers. Such a translation would be subject to on-going revision, as the ISR continues its quest to make it more and more accurate. To further this end we also offer the public other publications that we believe may be excellent tools in the hands of those who seek for truth (See Publications). Publications to date include The Scriptures © 1998, 2009 in various formats, (including the 1998 digital edition ©), as well as the well-researched book by Dr. C.J Koster, "Come Out Of Her My People" © 1996, available in various languages.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible eng 2004 Hebraic Roots Version Hebraic Roots Version
Bible eng 1993 The Scriptures The Scriptures
Bible eng 2009 The Scriptures (2009)
Bible eng 1998 The Scriptures (1998)
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