Bible Society of Bangladesh

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390 New Eskaton Road, Moghbazar, Dhaka

Since 1953, the Bible Society of Bangladesh has been working to meet the need for Scriptures in Bangladesh. In order to reach a wide spectrum of individuals, they publish Scrupture resources in a number of ethnic languages, in addition to the Bangla language, and they produce audio resources that increase the accessibility of Scriptures for the non-literate and visually impaired.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible ben 1875 Bengali Mussolmani Version
Bible ben 2000 Bengali Common Language
Bible ben 2008 Bengali Re-edit Bangla Version
Bible bgr 2006 Bawm Chin 2006 Edition
Bible grt 2004 Garo 2004 Edition Garo 2004
Bible pkh 1954 Pankho Gospels
Bible sdr Sadri New Testament
Bible sdr Sadri Psalms and Proverbs
Bible sat 2016 Santali Old Testament
Bible sat 2016 Santali Common Language Version
Bible bgr 1989 The Holy Bible in Bawm
Language Abbreviation Type Link