Bible Society of Cameroon

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274 Avenue Foch, BP 1133, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible bbj 2002 Ghomala New Testament Nouveau Testament Ghomala
Bible bum 2007 Bulu Bible Bible en langue Bulu
Bible dow 1991 The New Testament in Doyayo Nouveau Testament Doyayo
Bible etu 2009 The New Testament in Ejagham Le Nouveau Testament en langue Ejagham
Bible fub 2013 Fulfulde DC Bible (Cameroon) Fulfulde DC Bible
Bible giz 1996 The Holy Bible in Giziga Bible en langue guiziga
Bible gya 1995 The Bible in Gbaya, Northwest
Bible ksf 1996 Bafia New Testament
Bible lmp 2003 Limbum New Testament Nwá' nyu le' fi.
Bible maf 1989 The New Testament in Mafa Nouveau Testament Mofa
Bible mcn 2001 The New Testament in Massana Bibalda Ta Peldetta
Bible nnh 2007 The New Testament in Ngiemboon
Bible tui 2006 The Bible in Tupuri Le Bible en Tupurri
Bible dur 2014 Dii New Testament
Bible ewo 2015 Ewondo New Testament
Bible gid 1985 Gidar New Testament
Bible ndi 2001 Samba Leko New Testament
Bible mug 2013 La Bible in Musgum
Bible mfk 2007 Mofu Gudur New Testament
Bible kvj 1988 Kapsiki Bible with Deuterocanon
Bible nzb 1978 Nzebi New Testament Yisianga Siandegi Yanamanza
Bible byv 1993 The New Testament in Medumba
Bible bvb 2016 Bube First New Testament Diglot
Bible fmp 2016 Fe'fe' New Testament
Bible lme 2016 Peve New Testament and Psalms
Bible dua 2010 Douala Bible
Bible bax 1988 Bamun Bible
Bible wes 2000 Cameroon Pidgin New Testament
Bible lns 2016 Lamnso' New Testament
Bible fub 1995 1995 Edition (Cameroon)
Bible mfk 1975 Mofu 1975 Version
Bible mug 1964 Mousgoum New Testament
Bible knp 2006 Kwanja Bible
Bible bum 1992 The New Testament in Bulu for Cameroon
Bible mua 2008 The New Testament in Moundang
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