Bible Society of Geneva

The Bible Society of Geneva is a non-profit Christian foundation established in 1917. It is recognised by the state of public utility. Its activities began through missionary bookshops known as "The Bible House" first in Geneva in 1917, in Paris in 1925, in Zurich in 1933, and then in several countries on three continents. There are now 20 Bible Houses: in France, Switzerland, Italy, Africa and New Caledonia.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible deu 2012 New Geneva Translation Die Neue Genfer Übersetzung
Bible deu 1951 Schlacter 1951
Bible deu 2000 Schlachter Version 2000 Schlachter-Bibel
Bible fra 1979 New Geneva Edition Nouvelle Edition de Genève
Bible fra 2007 The King James Version Segond 21
Bible ita 1994 The New International Version La Nuova Riveduta
Bible fud 2001 East Futuna Bible
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