Bible Society of Guatemala

(502) 2380 8500

11 Calle 6-67 Zona 9, Guatemala City, CA 01009, Guatemala

The Bible Society of Guatemala is a nonprofit association dedicated to distributing the Word of God to all people, allowing them to interact with it in the language and format that meet their needs.

Type iso Date English Title Vernacular Title
Bible cac 2007 Chuj 2007 Edition Chuj San Mateo Bible
Bible cak 2003 Cakchiquel, Central 2003 Edition
Bible kek 2005 Kekchi 2005 Catholic Edition
Bible mam 1993 Mam 1993 Edition
Bible mam 2009 The New Testament in Southern Mam Biblia Mam de Quetzaltenango
Bible mam 1980 Southern Mam 1980 Edition
Bible poh 2009 Poqomchi' 2009 Edition
Bible mam 2012 Mam Huehuetenango New Ortography
Bible cac 1993 Chuj 1993 Edition
Language Abbreviation Type Link