Join us in finding every Bible in every language.

We really could use your help finding Bibles. If you are an archivist, a librarian, a search enthusiast, and IT techie, or a lover of God's Word, we invite you to join us in the search for world's Bibles.

Our aim is to catalog every major edition of every Bible in every language in a way that those Bibles can be discovered, purchased or downloaded and shared. And while we are at it, we would like to help in the cataloging and discovery of Biblical resources in the world’s languages – in print, digital text, audio and video.

Sound like a pretty tall task? It is really not that hard - as most of the work is simply scouring the internet for Bibles and content for the laguages with few resoucres in the Find-A-Bible database - and then sharing that information with us. If this is something that describes you or excites you, please contact us and join us in the search of a lifetime!

 Contact us!

We are currently accepting resources from the EMDC attendees. Click here to download a spreadsheet with the basic info for including your organizations resources in Find-A-Bible.


3 扫罗行路,将到大马士革,忽然从天上发光,四面照着他; 4 他就仆倒在地,听见有声音对他说:「扫罗!扫罗!你为什么逼迫我?」 5 他说:「主啊!你是谁?」主说:「我就是你所逼迫的耶稣。 6 起来!进城去,你所当做的事,必有人告诉你。」 使徒行传 9:3-6, 新标点和合本